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The Inner Workings of Dorothy Catalonia [entries|friends|calendar]
Dorothy Catalonia

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Too much work... [23 May 2003|09:34pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

The party is tomorrow, I believe. (at least that was what I could surmise from a Monsieur screaming over the voice mail) I'm planning to go. I am SO adamant to go, that I had a rather hectic day today, trying to get my work done so that I wouldn't be lagging in my paperwork. I am extremely loth as to share the details of my day when a certain Duo Maxwell can see it easily, but I suppose it will provide some laughs (lord knows we need some) and if it doesn't...saves me from embarressment.

4:30 AM: Woke up
5:00 AM: Walks into YR Paris station (disguised as a fire station)
5:30 AM: While working, am jumped by my assistant's, Matthias's cat (which he creatively named Cat), which he brought to work for some awkward reason.
6:15 AM: Visited by few friends/former-classmates-who-I-strangely-keep-contact-with (who don't know about YR) and have food shoved down my throat.
6:30 AM: To keep up impression of a fire station, a rookie decides to start a fire drill. Very convincing. However, right when you've been jumped by a cat and had food shoved down your throat, a loud ringing noise that happens to be right next to your ear is uncalled for.
6:45 AM: Kindly shove "friends" out the door.
8:30 AM: Decide to take a short break and run downtown to a fast food place only to find Matthias there. Run back to work with no food. (I think he's following me)
11:00 AM: Sneak out of office for a desperately needed coffee break. Crawl past Matthias's desk so that he does not see.
12:45 PM: Right when I'm half done, I mix up the finished paperwork with the unfinished. Compared to shriek right after, Duo's voice mail is NOTHING!
2:30 PM: Finally sorted everything out.
3:00 PM: Checked on disk. Very well encrypted. Someone is clearly hiding something and took every precaution necessary to hide it.
3:30 PM: Another riot in downtown Paris. Disguise self and other employees as a convincing looking garbageman and sneak into middle of riot. Found out interesting information/gossip on Weaver. (how is it that I never pay attention to the IMPORTANT people)
*Things go downhill nicely from here*

Right now: Am sitting at desk, putrid smell still hanging in air, disk has loaded 75% and I still have a ton of paperwork to finish and sort.

Looks like someone won't be getting any sleep tonight.

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[23 May 2003|10:57am]
[ mood | exhausted ]

Duo's party is nearing...ah, dangerously, can we say?

I'm not sure if I'm going to go anymore. After all, who would I talk to? Duo, yes...who else? Quatre's not likely to forget how I almost turned him into a shish-kabob and if the other gundam pilots see me (and they're in a bad mood) then...I'm in trouble.

Besides, there's so much work to do. Now that Une finally told me about those riots and what they're about. I can't believe it! How does SHE know and I don't? I'm the one who's putting out all these small fires so the Preventers don't notice...how on earth did this riot get to the point that she noticed and I didn't?

I dressed up as a French woman the other day. The accent, outfit, and all. (After all, I AM in Paris...) I went down to the place where my sources tell me most of the riots are starting. And I was surprised to see that it wasn't some of the old soldiers starting these riots like we originally thought...but children.

I know what you're thinking. I'm not a grandmother, nor am I a full-fledged adult by age. Key phrase: BY AGE. I've seen (and started) a lot more than my age will tell people. But then again, didn't we all?

These were kids, ages 12, 13, and maybe 14, fighting. They WANTED a war. They NEEDED a war. War provided jobs for soldiers...any available ones. But now, in times of peace...where do the children with no home go? Nowhere.

I was talking with an old friend, Matthias. (he's also my assistant) We agreed that if it can be arranged, we'd start a small (well, maybe not SMALL) foundation to send homeless children to a boarding school...that wasn't so damn strict. I'd like to do that. I really would. But there's so much work to do. I don't know whether I can get it all done...

And besides, I have to clear it by the ESUN...*unladylike snort*

...but I never did with Yellow Rose, so maybe...



Coffee break's over. My rules, I have to play by them. Even if I don't play by anyone else's...

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It's been a while [22 May 2003|05:45pm]
[ mood | worried ]

This is horrible. Noin's office was broken into and papers were stolen. And they were important. Very Important.

I should've been paying more attention. I know about *him*. SO why on earth didn't I look a little further into it?

Because I'm a stupid leader who's trying too hard to appeal to the people...to make them accept the peace?

I know, go ahead. Laugh. Dorothy Catalonia, trying to make people accept peace. Comical, isn't it? But after that whole incident with that little redhaired brat (sry, for anyone who thinks otherwise), I've changed. We all have. That's probably why I really want to go to Duo's party (besides the fact that I have great diabolical plans that someone of my status shouldn't be planning...hehe). To see how everyone else has changed.

Btw, Une, you DID tell Heero about the papers, right? You promised you would...

Hm...Im not really used to this. Writing in a journal, I mean. I was always blunt and to the point. I didn't need a journal. Too busy with the war. And now, even though another war seems to be brewing (at least, that's what my sources tell me), who knows what will happen? Maybe we can all live normal lives.

I hope so. I really do.

P.S.- Duo, please don't screech on voice mail. The entire office thought something was wrong. I had 8 security guards in my office, half of whom should have been off duty hours ago....

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