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Heero came by. I don't believe I can say I was surprised. I wasn't. I knew he would come. Although, I think in a strange way, he saw through to me deeper than anyone else could. I owe him, I see. For giving me the benefit of the doubt. Yes, I thank you.

I believe I pretty much told him everything there was to tell. Now that I think of it, there's not much left I have that he doesn't have at least a vague idea about.

I'll be gone for...personal reasons for a week. I won't be taking anyone, not even Matthias. Instead, Matthias, I'm trusting you to look after things while I'm gone. I need to leave. I can't explain why, but I do. So much has happened that I need to think about... so please do not go looking for me, although I highly doubt anyone will.

Dorothy's thoughts...

No one will come after me. Heero knows the most I could tell him under the circumstances. What would they need from me now? I need to leave. To go somewhere to find myself, to try to figure out the strange feelings I get all of a sudden. I'm not a machine, I get feelings, but my recent ones have been rather...distracting...
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Dorothy, because of Heero I have decided to put my faith in you again. I am sorry that in my frustation I had doubted you. I promise that I will not do it again.

And while you are gone, I want you to think of this. There is one last secret that only you and I know. One last thing that you have refused to tell for reasons of pride and fear.

If you told, whether the outcome is good or not, it would be the ultimate show of bravery. Do not underestimate yourself.
(( Nita's Note: I can only post this cuz I'm at a friend's house... ^-^ ))

If you and I are on the same page, then I can surely promise you that should that little secret be disclosed, it shall NOT be by me. I guarantee you that I shall not, under any circumstances tell anyone else. In my opinion, such a thing is better left unsaid.