Dorothy Catalonia (dorothy_cat) wrote,
Dorothy Catalonia

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Heero came by. I don't believe I can say I was surprised. I wasn't. I knew he would come. Although, I think in a strange way, he saw through to me deeper than anyone else could. I owe him, I see. For giving me the benefit of the doubt. Yes, I thank you.

I believe I pretty much told him everything there was to tell. Now that I think of it, there's not much left I have that he doesn't have at least a vague idea about.

I'll be gone for...personal reasons for a week. I won't be taking anyone, not even Matthias. Instead, Matthias, I'm trusting you to look after things while I'm gone. I need to leave. I can't explain why, but I do. So much has happened that I need to think about... so please do not go looking for me, although I highly doubt anyone will.

Dorothy's thoughts...

No one will come after me. Heero knows the most I could tell him under the circumstances. What would they need from me now? I need to leave. To go somewhere to find myself, to try to figure out the strange feelings I get all of a sudden. I'm not a machine, I get feelings, but my recent ones have been rather...distracting...
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