Dorothy Catalonia (dorothy_cat) wrote,
Dorothy Catalonia

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Men are blind.

How amazingly simple of them to assume whatever it is they are assuming.

Mankind's greatest flaw is their blindness. Their inability to see what's beneath the surface. They see only what they want to see. What they can comprehend.

I'm ashamed to say I expected more out of them. They see but half the picture and already jump to extreme lengths. Thanks to him.

To Heero Yuy.

I want to hate you so badly. You have no idea what you have done. By informing them... the possiblities of what can happen...will only make this worse.

But of course, you'll pay no heed to that.

I'm at the final checkpoint before reaching my destination. I intend on fixing this mess. I do wish you all good luck on your paths.

For I am not blind.
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