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This is not funny. This is downright pathetic. The way life has been going for the past 3 years...and the way it plummeted in about a month.

Surgery went wrong. Nothing to bad, I am told, but then again, they feel they are being paid to tell me this. I don't need to know. I felt it moving in my arm. And I felt go down further.

On top of that, I am been informed by another giddy maidservant that Quatre has arrived with some company. From what I see, Trowa is missing. Kidnapped. By someone named Kenji.

They want to use my equipment to track down this Kenji. Well, that shouldn't be so hard. Unless this "Kenji" expects it. Which he might. Who knows?

I'm too tired. I've been finding myself dozing off lately. I'm going through another operation soon, hopefully before Friday. But not before I talk to Quatre and find out what is going on.

Life has suddenly become interesting.

Matthias, I want everything to be ready this time. And find a capable pilot, we almost died last time. (Perhaps a good suggestion is to make sure they speak English.).

I wonder where Heero is... I would expect him to be here by now. I wouldn't think he disappeared on us, given that he still has not received what he wanted.

I almost forgot. Wufei paid me a small visit today. It was a rather amusing experience if I do say so myself. I enjoyed talking with you, Wufei. Although the game would have been far more enjoyable had you actually showed more emotion.

Just a remainder for next time.
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