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I walked into Duo's house this evening, the copy that I promised Une in my pocket (who never showed up), and *ahem* armed, very confident. I was certain that whatever would take place there, I could handle it. I've done it before, haven't I?

Not this time.

I settled in, careful in my responses, and annoyed Wufei a great deal. The whole time, those eyes were on me. Those cobalt eyes. Then Wufei and Quatre ran off for some reason I could care less about (given the fact, I don't KNOW the reason) and I was left with Yuy. Charming.

He gave me a proposition. At first I was flattered, I was THAT tough to handle. Even for the great Heero Yuy. And now...

...I hate him.

He's good, I admit. He can manipulate people, he sees people just as I do. But the only problem was, he knew what I wanted the most.

And he offered it to me. In exchange for the one thing I would not give up. So now where am I? I've risked my knowledge, my hard work, my effort, everything I had since that day...just to stake it, for another chance.

For honor. And pride.

Something deep down inside tells me that I won't be getting that. So what HAVE I gotten myself into?

The match is this Thursday. I have until then to get ready, and practice.

And hope.

Yes, you heard right. I hope. Without that, I'd despair. At least with the childhood I've been given. I am no Heero Yuy. I wish I was...but I'm not. I hope...and I pray to whatever is up there...

Give me this duel.
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You don't sound entirely confident in your own abilities. Are you sure that you want to risk suffering that same humiliation again ..?
I'm not afraid of you, Yuy.