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The Inner Workings of Dorothy Catalonia -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
Dorothy Catalonia

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It's been a while [22 May 2003|05:45pm]
[ mood | worried ]

This is horrible. Noin's office was broken into and papers were stolen. And they were important. Very Important.

I should've been paying more attention. I know about *him*. SO why on earth didn't I look a little further into it?

Because I'm a stupid leader who's trying too hard to appeal to the people...to make them accept the peace?

I know, go ahead. Laugh. Dorothy Catalonia, trying to make people accept peace. Comical, isn't it? But after that whole incident with that little redhaired brat (sry, for anyone who thinks otherwise), I've changed. We all have. That's probably why I really want to go to Duo's party (besides the fact that I have great diabolical plans that someone of my status shouldn't be planning...hehe). To see how everyone else has changed.

Btw, Une, you DID tell Heero about the papers, right? You promised you would...

Hm...Im not really used to this. Writing in a journal, I mean. I was always blunt and to the point. I didn't need a journal. Too busy with the war. And now, even though another war seems to be brewing (at least, that's what my sources tell me), who knows what will happen? Maybe we can all live normal lives.

I hope so. I really do.

P.S.- Duo, please don't screech on voice mail. The entire office thought something was wrong. I had 8 security guards in my office, half of whom should have been off duty hours ago....

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