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Too much work...

The party is tomorrow, I believe. (at least that was what I could surmise from a Monsieur screaming over the voice mail) I'm planning to go. I am SO adamant to go, that I had a rather hectic day today, trying to get my work done so that I wouldn't be lagging in my paperwork. I am extremely loth as to share the details of my day when a certain Duo Maxwell can see it easily, but I suppose it will provide some laughs (lord knows we need some) and if it doesn't...saves me from embarressment.

4:30 AM: Woke up
5:00 AM: Walks into YR Paris station (disguised as a fire station)
5:30 AM: While working, am jumped by my assistant's, Matthias's cat (which he creatively named Cat), which he brought to work for some awkward reason.
6:15 AM: Visited by few friends/former-classmates-who-I-strangely-keep-contact-with (who don't know about YR) and have food shoved down my throat.
6:30 AM: To keep up impression of a fire station, a rookie decides to start a fire drill. Very convincing. However, right when you've been jumped by a cat and had food shoved down your throat, a loud ringing noise that happens to be right next to your ear is uncalled for.
6:45 AM: Kindly shove "friends" out the door.
8:30 AM: Decide to take a short break and run downtown to a fast food place only to find Matthias there. Run back to work with no food. (I think he's following me)
11:00 AM: Sneak out of office for a desperately needed coffee break. Crawl past Matthias's desk so that he does not see.
12:45 PM: Right when I'm half done, I mix up the finished paperwork with the unfinished. Compared to shriek right after, Duo's voice mail is NOTHING!
2:30 PM: Finally sorted everything out.
3:00 PM: Checked on disk. Very well encrypted. Someone is clearly hiding something and took every precaution necessary to hide it.
3:30 PM: Another riot in downtown Paris. Disguise self and other employees as a convincing looking garbageman and sneak into middle of riot. Found out interesting information/gossip on Weaver. (how is it that I never pay attention to the IMPORTANT people)
*Things go downhill nicely from here*

Right now: Am sitting at desk, putrid smell still hanging in air, disk has loaded 75% and I still have a ton of paperwork to finish and sort.

Looks like someone won't be getting any sleep tonight.
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