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Duo's party is nearing...ah, dangerously, can we say?

I'm not sure if I'm going to go anymore. After all, who would I talk to? Duo, yes...who else? Quatre's not likely to forget how I almost turned him into a shish-kabob and if the other gundam pilots see me (and they're in a bad mood) then...I'm in trouble.

Besides, there's so much work to do. Now that Une finally told me about those riots and what they're about. I can't believe it! How does SHE know and I don't? I'm the one who's putting out all these small fires so the Preventers don't on earth did this riot get to the point that she noticed and I didn't?

I dressed up as a French woman the other day. The accent, outfit, and all. (After all, I AM in Paris...) I went down to the place where my sources tell me most of the riots are starting. And I was surprised to see that it wasn't some of the old soldiers starting these riots like we originally thought...but children.

I know what you're thinking. I'm not a grandmother, nor am I a full-fledged adult by age. Key phrase: BY AGE. I've seen (and started) a lot more than my age will tell people. But then again, didn't we all?

These were kids, ages 12, 13, and maybe 14, fighting. They WANTED a war. They NEEDED a war. War provided jobs for soldiers...any available ones. But now, in times of peace...where do the children with no home go? Nowhere.

I was talking with an old friend, Matthias. (he's also my assistant) We agreed that if it can be arranged, we'd start a small (well, maybe not SMALL) foundation to send homeless children to a boarding school...that wasn't so damn strict. I'd like to do that. I really would. But there's so much work to do. I don't know whether I can get it all done...

And besides, I have to clear it by the ESUN...*unladylike snort*

...but I never did with Yellow Rose, so maybe...



Coffee break's over. My rules, I have to play by them. Even if I don't play by anyone else's...
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Dorothy you have to go to Duo's party. There are many topics in which we need to discuss further and i think it is best if the others know about them too. Don't worry about about the party. We all haven't seen eachother in a while, I'm sure no one has held on to any harsh feelings. (Not that I should talk, it will be a room full of people who have good reasons to hate me.) I must leave you for now, I have an *important* phone call I must take. (tell you if it gives me any leads). We will talk later
Dorothy, if nobody wanted you there, you would have never been invited. The truth is, you are not the only one that this may feel awkward for. Many of us haven't seen each other for two years.

Please, do not think of the past between us. I forgave you even the moment that..

A journal is not appropriate for this. Please come. Duo will not be the only one who wants to talk to you.